The Couch is the titular couch for which the show is named. It is big, comfy, and probably a couch. It may be something else that has merely chosen to present as a couch in this instance.

Biography Edit

The Couch was first recorded in 9999 BCE in ancient texts of Clown Town. While some texts point to it being worshipped early on as a god, this seems to have fallen out of practice.

It is unknown if Clown Town emerged around The Couch, or if The Couch one day appeared in Clown Town.

The Couch is known for its size and comfort-level, but it also has infinite space inside it. While Loonette is shown to utilize this infinite space for storage of gag items, we don't know what The Couch uses the space for.

Behind the scenes Edit

Big. Comfy. Powerful.

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